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Hi, I’m Gabrielle, and I’m the parenting copywriter.

Raising children is a joy and a challenge for every mother and father who takes on the role of parent. And for much of the population, parenting is a daily reality that influences countless decisions, including purchasing decisions.

Parenting products, services and advice make the role of caregiver that much easier for the clients that you serve. I can help you market your unique offerings to the parenting market at large or to your desired niche.

Who Needs a Parenting Copywriter?

Copywriting for the parenting market is a specific product that’s aimed at a single goal: getting parents interested in buying the products or services that you offer.

If you sell a product or professional service to parents, then my copywriting services may be a good fit for your brand. Some examples of companies that work with parenting copywriters are:

  • Producers of children’s products
  • Publications for parents
  • Retailers of products for expecting mothers and moms of young children
  • Children’s clothiers
  • Toy manufacturers
  • Baby product manufacturers or wholesalers
  • Review services that provide trusted reviews for children’s products
  • Professional service groups that provide holistic care for expecting mothers (e.g. doulas, midwives, herbalists, lactation consultants)
  • Professional service groups that provide care for children (ex. daycares, sleep training experts)
  • Pregnancy centers
  • Authors of parenting books
  • Parenting conference organizations/hosts
  • Children’s nutritionists
  • Non-profits and for-profit groups concerned with children’s safety issues
  • Other companies that provide parenting products, services or advice

If you operate a business or manage content marketing for one similar to those listed above, read on to learn how my copywriting services can propel your marketing strategy to the next level. Or contact me directly here.

Parenting Copywriting Services

Here at The Parenting Copywriter, I want to give you copy that makes your products and services practically sell themselves.

Some copywriting products I offer include:

Web page copy

Whether you’ve got a single page site or one with many pages, I will provide copy that captures interest and takes interested readers down the sales funnel to convert them to paying customers. I conduct research and include keyword optimization to support your SEO strategy.

Blog writing

A company blog is worth its weight in gold. It can boost your SEO, draw new traffic and provide nearly endless content for social media and email distribution. Often, blog writing is pushed to the back burner because it’s time consuming and takes away from other essential business activities. As your trusted parenting copywriter, I can turn your blog into a powerful lead magnet that will draw new readers and engage existing clients. Whether you need short blurbs, long form content or a combination, I can provide you with regular blog content on a monthly basis or whenever you need it.

Reviews and buying guides

When parents trust any aspect of their children’s wellbeing to your brand, they want to know they’re making the right decision. Buying guides can highlight your products and provide honest feedback to influence your audience’s buying decisions. If you offer services or expertise, reviews of parenting products that are already on the market or new to the industry can further your expert position. I conduct well-rounded research to provide unbiased reviews that your audience can trust.

Ebooks and other downloadables

Looking to make a little bit of cash on the side or attract new customers while you sleep? Ebooks and other downloadables are a fantastic way to generate some extra income or entice new leads to sign up for your email list. Not only are ebooks and downloadables essential for bringing new customers to your brand, but they’re one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field – and parents love finding experts that they can trust! Let’s talk about how my ghostwriting services can propel you to the top of your niche.

Email campaigns

Did you know that your existing client base is one of the best places to drum up excitement for new products and nab sales? Email copy is an essential part of maintaining those critical relationships, as well as fostering new ones with web visitors who join your subscription list. I can work with you to develop email campaigns that promote products and services, announce sales or simply welcome new users to your brand. Or we can collaborate on an educational email series that ends with a call to action highlighting the products and services that you already offer.

Product copy

Product copy can include a variety of pieces, from product descriptions to landing pages and buying guides. I work to synthesize your product copy to inform your audience, answer all of their questions and encourage them to click the “buy” button.

Physical copy

If you frequently deliver your product pitch at a conference table or need material to distribute in pediatricians’ offices, I can work with you to develop copy for brochures, pamphlets, postcards and other tangible mediums.

Looking for something else? Let’s talk about how my parenting copywriting services can fit your branding needs.

SEO for Parenting Companies and Experts

Parents typically don’t have a ton of time to weigh one product against another and spend days in deliberation – they want the right product the very first time they enter a query into a Google search and land on a website.

That’s where SEO comes in. SEO (search engine optimization) utilizes keywords and other metrics to propel your site to the top of the list when someone searches for a product or service that you offer. If your product is awesome, but doesn’t appear in a search until page four or five, you’re probably not going to generate much organic search traffic.

Translation? You’re losing sales from poor visibility.

When you hire a competent SEO copywriter, not only will you get awesome copy to proudly display on your site, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your copy will work double time to promote itself across the web, and will catapult your brand to a top spot.

Of course, great copy alone won’t push your content to the top spot, but if you need some advice for implementing a marketing strategy that works, I can help you with that too.

Whatever your SEO needs, I can help you get your brand in front of parents who need the unique products/services that you have to offer.

Pregnancy Copywriting

Pregnant mothers and expecting couples want to provide their soon-to-be little ones with the very best products and services available. During a pregnancy, the expecting mother has an unparalleled amount of time to devote to learning about new products or parenting advice that will help her once her baby arrives.

Pregnancy is an exciting time where moms are combing the internet looking for the very best advice and honest reviews of products that they’re considering adding to their baby registry or nursery. I love the opportunity to share new information with pregnant moms, and can help you position your brand as a trusted voice for new moms to rely on.

Whether you offer baby monitors or review baby strollers, I can help you find a unique way to reach expecting moms and help them make the best decisions for their own precious babies.

Millennial Parenting Copywriting

Statistically, Millennial parents are waiting longer than previous generations to have children. They’re also having less children, and want to get everything absolutely right when it comes to raising them.

I am a Millennial parent, and have unique insight to the needs and desires of this coveted demographic. I know the challenges that Millennial parents face and can help you identify the pain points of this market, as well as offer solutions for how to overcome them.

If you want to reach Millennial parents, look no further for a parenting copywriter who can position your products in new ways to reach the Millennial audience.


So why should you trust me as your parenting copywriter? That’s a great question.

For starters, I am myself a parent of three children. I have a passion for researching children’s products and services, as well as a unique knack for distilling this information for other parents to understand and enjoy. Personally, my friends come to me for parenting advice and product recommendations all of the time.

That’s all well and good, but how about my professional credentials?

I’m a copywriter with years of experience writing a variety of copy styles for a variety of markets. What does this mean? I’ve been there, done that, and know that parenting copywriting is where my passion truly lies. I’m not here to simply turn a buck – I genuinely want to help parenting companies grow their market shares and reach new customers.

I enjoy talking about things like traveling with toddlers .

I have a passion for helping expecting mothers find quality prenatal care .

I have an extensive knowledge of cloth diapering and natural parenting for toddlers.

I’ve also got a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. During my years at school, I studied marketing and consumer behavior, and can use my knowledge to help you better reach your desired markets.


Reach out and let me know what you need! I’ll be back in touch (within one business day) to learn more about your brand and whether my copywriting services are the right fit.

Yes, absolutely. I don’t take on any new clients without assuring that we’re a good fit for one another. Part of this process is a free consultation where I determine your needs – with your help, of course – and draw up a proposal that covers the copywriting services that you need.

Yes. I don’t want to get into a copywriting agreement without being crystal clear about what you’re signing on to – and what it costs. I won’t ever ask you to sign on the dotted line without giving you plenty of advance notice as to what your copywriting package will include.

My copywriting contracts are simple and straightforward – I’ll never try to dupe you with small print or superfluous legalese. The contracts I issue include a list of services, an estimated timeline, pricing and a little bit of other info you’ll find helpful.

Contracts exist to protect us both. You’ll find that the language is mutually agreeable for our business relationship.

My rates are highly dependent on what services I offer. I charge by word or by page, rather than by the hour, due to the nature of copywriting work. My rates encompass the costs that go into research, time spent writing, revisions and the value that my writing will bring to your brand.

I work hard to keep my rates competitive, but I am a professional copywriter. I don’t undercut myself, and I don’t undercut other creatives working in my space. I think you’ll find my rates fair, and consistent with the results you wish to derive from distributing the content that I provide for you.

I require 50% of a project price at contract signing. I won’t begin work until I receive that payment.

The remaining 50% of payment is due upon completion and delivery of the first draft. We won’t tie up the second payment in revisions, but I also won’t take the money and run.

You’ve got me for 30 days to make minor tweaks and revisions.

I aim to provide a finished product within 60 days of contract signing. That being said, there are some products – like ebooks – that require more finesse. It wouldn’t be wise for me to provide you with something that’s half-researched or half-written.

You will know well in advance what my timeline is for any given project. If something is going to take me longer than the 60-day period, I’ll inform you of that before we ever enter into a formal agreement.

I love the challenge of a rush order, but I can’t take every one that comes my way. This is largely due to my client flow, so it’s impossible to definitively say “yes” or “no” in advance.

Contact me to learn more about the possibility of working on a rush order. If we do proceed, the consultation/proposal/contract period may necessarily be shortened (you will know in advance if this is the case).

I also charge a 40% upcharge for any products written on a rush status.

What I write for your brand is yours. You can use my writing anywhere you see fit.

In general, I offer my copywriting on a ghostwriting basis, meaning that I write the content and you get the credit. However, I reserve the exclusive privilege to share that content as part of my professional portfolio.

Generally, yes. Though I do occasionally work with subcontractors when time and necessity require it.

I vet my subcontractors well in advance to adding them to a project that I’m working on to ensure that they can provide the quality writing my brand delivers. If a subcontractor needs to contact you for any reason, I’ll arrange a formal introduction to keep everyone in the loop.

Yes. I have revisions written into every contract that I sign.

I will revise up to 20% of the content provided, as long as you notify me within a 30-day period of delivery.

Anything beyond the 20% limit, after the 30-day period or that requires a significant retooling of the content provided will be considered a new project and will be billed accordingly.

Absolutely. Retainers are a great way to ensure consistency for your written content – especially if you hire me to write your blog content.

I also offer discounts for recurring projects and retainers, so please let me know whether you’d like to broaden the scope of a project to include recurring work or consultation.

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